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We bet you’re wondering what exactly it is we do. Well, that’s a very simple question. We are a professional junk car removal company. We specialize in the purchasing and removal of your junk or unwanted vehicle.

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We buy all junk or unwanted cars, trucks, vans and SUV.

Sick of seeing that vehicle collect rust on your property? Tired of dealing

with your neighbors complaining about that “eyesore” next to their lawn?

Maybe it still runs. PERFECT! We will buy it! We buy all vehicles, running or not, title or no title.


Here Is What Makes Us The Best

  • We Pay Cash For Cars
  • We Pay Cash For Cars
  • We Pay The Most Cash For Junk Cars
  • We Guarantee Our Over The Phone Quotes
  • We Provide Free Junk Car Removal and Towing
  • We do everything in our power to make the process of scrapping your car, or selling your car a simple process.

We cover all of Tacoma, WA as well as all the surrounding towns like Lakewood, Federal Way, Puyallup, Seattle, Bellevue etc. We have trucks running all over the place, all day long, so that is why we can provide free towing of your junk car. We love the fact that we can offer this service, because it’s a very unique service. The smiles we bring to customers faces each time we pay them cash for their junk car is the main reason why we do this. We’re able to help people who are otherwise in trouble. Whether your vehicle is at the mechanic shop and it’s not worth fixing, or your car got impounded and it’s racking up a massive bill. We are able to provide a quick rescue for an otherwise grueling process. We love this job, because we get the chance to meet new people every single day.

Selling your car to us means you get the best offer in town, and a very quick pickup process. We can typically schedule same day pickups, worst case scenario, next day depending on how late in the day it is. We’ve streamlined our process with the newest technology available to us today. Meaning we have the fastest pickup rates in the industry.

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  • Caution:

    In today's car buying industry you can no longer trust over the phone quotes. Most companies pull a dishonest move where they give you a high quote just so you stop calling around because they "beat" all the competitors quotes; but then they lower the price once they load up your car. So you end up making much less because they lied to you over the phone. They will make up excuses about your car being in worse condition than what they originally thought it would be.

    The truth is that they never planned on paying you what they originally quoted you.

    Make sure you deal with a reputable company. We always guarantee our over the phone quotes. We take great pride in our business and reputation.